Publication Year 2023

  • Justin J. Billy – THE MASK OF THE LIFE- studies on transformation of performing bodies in South Sudan – published by the South’s Youth International theatre festival –Egypt – Aswan- 2023 (Book)
  • Justin J. Billy – APPLIED THEATRE, Search for opportunities, dialogue, culture and ethnic diversity management – the Sudanese Culture – reviewed Sudanese Magazine – every six months – 2023- (Paper)


Publication Year 2022

  • Justin J. Billy – Utilization of Traditional Dance to Enhance the Performing Capability for the Actors- Published by Arab Theatre Institute – studies (85) – 2022 (Book)
  • Justin J. Billy – The Offering of the River- group of plays- willows House for Printing and Publications- South Sudan- 2022. (book)



  • Justin J. Billy – Music that Breathes Life- PIECES OF A NATION, South Sudanese Heritage and Museum Collections- Zoe Cormack and Cherry Leonardi (eds) – published by Sidestone Press, Leiden – 2021 (Paper)



  1. Justin J. Billy –Songs of Revolution and Freedom; study on archaeology of revaluation and ideology, Emmanuel Kembe’s songs – Jan 2019 – Rafiki Printing & Publishing- Juba- South Sudan -(2019)- (Book)
  2. Justin J. Billy (2019)- Rongo, the music which has a soul – adab wa naqd (literature and criticism monthly journal established in 1984)- may 2019- addition 378- (Paper)
  3. Justin J. Billy – the Zikir Ceremony: a paper on understanding the roots of religious dance in South Sudan – 4th international forum on the interaction of African cultures- African Cultures in Changing World- abstracts – (2019) – (Paper)
  4. Justin J. Billy – the Kojor and the Traditional Medication of Chollo Tribe of South Sudan, “aesthetic study – publication of the popular Culture in Africa- conference – Vol (1) – 2019.- (Paper)
  5. Justin J. Billy –The Female Warriors in South Sudan’s Struggle , adab wa naqd (literature and criticism monthly journal established in 1984)- Oct – 2019- addition 382- ( Oct – 2019) – (Paper)

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