Jacob K. Lupai
Department of Agricultural Sciences, College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Juba,
South Sudan.


This research has been undertaken with the purpose of increasing understanding of extension work in
relation to smallholder agriculture development. Extension work is about dissemination of information and
advice on improved technology from research to smallholder farmers in order to increase production in
achieving food security and reducing poverty. Various extension methods are used in dissemination of
improved technologies. South Sudan is a country with abundant natural resources where the majority of its
population dependent on smallholder agriculture. Extension is observed to play a key role in the
development of smallholder agriculture for self-reliance in food production. Investment in extension can
therefore be seen as an important factor in agricultural development. However, budgetary allocation to the
sector is low in contrast to the importance of agriculture as the backbone of the economy of South Sudan.
However, the conclusion is that extension is basis of agricultural development. Further research is still
possible to determine the strength of association between extension work and agricultural development.
This is for confirmation of the extent extension is basis of smallholder agricultural development.

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Extension is basis of smallholder agriculture development in South Sudan

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