Abraham Kuol Nyuon, Assistant Professor of International Politics, Peace and Security at the University of Juba. Republic of South Sudan.


In modern world, no state or country can remain isolated from the global community. It is a global village. Nations are interdependent. None lives on an island. Hence, each and every state/nation should have an effective and vibrant Foreign Policy to manage the highly complex issues of current statecraft. The ongoing debate on theoretical and conceptualization of the dynamics of issues in Foreign Policy, its formulation, decision making principles, conduct, guidelines, national interests etc. have continued to raise a heated discussion among academics, diplomats, and international relations pundits.

It is in light of this pertinent debate that this book attempts to contribute. Its main thrust is revamping of African Foreign Policies within the context of the Continental’s Agenda 2063. It is further argued that based on agreed common Foreign Policies benchmarks as stipulated in this continental blueprint, the political, and socio-economic development of Africa, will progressively and significantly change and therefore Africa claiming its rightful place in the international community during the 21st century.

The authors of Revamping African Foreign Policies in the 21st century have written an innovative work that is vast in scope, deep in analysis, impressively well researched, and functionally timely. Its coverage goes deep into the ancient roots of African diplomacy and navigates through national policy, to regional and international dynamics. The book ends with a powerful chapter on revamping foreign policy, defined as “revitalizing, changing, or re-arranging the existing policy strategies to reflect the contemporary African context in the interest of the people by improving where Africa has been disadvantaged”. The book concludes with high sense of optimism given the appropriate Pan-African, committed as well as visionary leadership coupled with immense resources, this is doable and achievable. The symbiotic relation is inevitable. However, mutual respect is paramount. It can be done, play your part. Let us walk the Talk.

Please find the book at the link below.

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